Who We Are

Tutor DB is an innovative digital educational platform working to usher in the new age of education. The “DB” in Tutor DB stands for Database; one that comprises highly qualified and quality tutors who are on a mission to improve the academic performance of students across the nation. In addition to making education and tutoring convenient, accessible, and affordable, we seek to create opportunities for our freelancing community by connecting them with potential clients in need of their tutoring.

A value-driven service through and through, Tutor DB believes in putting customers first. That is why we offer our users an optimized platform driven by an intuitive user interface, where they can avail the services they need in a smooth and seamless fashion.

In our quest to improve the caliber and accessibility of education in our community, we uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism across the services we offer. All our services are backed by highly qualified top-tier tutors.

What We Offer

COVID-19 has spurred a revolution in the education industry, ushering in the age of remote and online learning. The COVID era helped us realize just how effective online learning can be and how it is superior to conventional teaching methods. As such, it is imperative that we harness the potential in this new learning method by focusing our attention towards developing the online mode of education.

At Tutor DB, we understand this and therefore offer an optimized online learning platform with integrated tools to help you reap the benefits of this innovative learning method to the fullest. We also realize that no matter how great online learning may be, some students prefer in-person training and tutoring. For this reason, Tutor DB offers a range of tutoring services in an effort to facilitate the needs of every student.

Our services include:

  1. Online Tutoring

    Enjoy private online tutoring sessions with qualified and experienced tutors in our intuitive virtual classroom furnished with all the required tools to make your session even more productive and smooth.

  2. In-Person Tutoring

    Does online learning not resonate with you? No problem! You can take your private tutoring session in public at a safe place of your choosing and get the most out of your session. Just remember to report the duration of the session to us.

  3. Freelance

    Need help with a project, report, or something similar? Just tell us your preferences and requirements and allow us to find a freelancer that is a great fit for your needs. You’ll be presented with multiple freelancer profiles and you can choose whichever one suits your requirements the best.

Why Us

Tutor DB understands the importance of tutoring and education for the development of not only our students, but our society as a whole. That is why we aspire to provide the highest value and caliber of services. Here are a few reasons that make Tutor DB the best service for tutoring and online learning:

  • Qualified and Experienced Tutors
  • On-Demand Tutoring
  • Free Interactive E-Learning Tools
  • A Diverse Range of Subjects to Choose From
  • Option to Avail In-Person Tutoring Sessions
  • Smooth and Snappy Interface and Virtual Classroom
  • Lower-Than-Market Charges for Tutors