Our Mission

The educational industry is undergoing a drastic change and old conventional ways of learning are no longer capable of equipping students with the skills and knowledge required to stay up-to-date in this rapidly developing world. In order to thrive and keep up with evolving disciplines and technology, you need something more than just a teacher and books…you need a Tutor!

The team at Tutor DB has taken up the mission to ensure that everyone receives the proper guidance, knowledge, and skills from amazing tutors and professionals who have acquired hands-on experience in their desired fields through practice. This way, students not only learn the fundamentals of their field but also walk away with practical knowledge and guidance to successfully navigate the industry of their choosing.

To make tutoring as effective as possible, we offer one-on-one sessions where students can communicate directly with tutors for maximum learning within our optimized virtual classroom. Making the experience even smoother are the interactive tools integrated into our virtual classroom that render learning a breeze.

But it doesn’t end here! Tutor DB aims to empower online tutoring and freelancing communities. That is why we charge lower-than-market fees from our tutors, ensuring their value as integral members of our community.

Our Vision

At Tutor DB, we firmly believe that quality education and tutoring should be readily accessible to anyone who needs and desires it. Therefore, we have set our sights on expanding our services beyond just our local community. Our vision is to grow Tutor DB into an educational and tutoring entity that serves the academic needs of not only individuals, but also educational institutes such as schools, colleges, and universities.